Stash Dash Checkpoint 1

The first check-in point (weeks 2&3) of Stash Dash ends tomorrow. It really motivated me to get some lingering projects finished. I did get a good head start, which I need, because I won’t have my sewing machine and only travel knitting/crocheting for the second half of the challenge.
So here are my FOs:

A skirt for my 5year old: 170 grams

Two more skirts: 134 grams

And yet another little skirt: 80 grams

First knitting FO is my Stripe Study Shawl: 198 grams
Stripe Study Shawl

Next up, my garter yoke baby cardigan: 78 grams
garter yoke baby cardi

First Crochet FO is my Orange Midsummer Night’s Shawl: 130 grams
Midsummer Night’s Shawl

And the last FO for the first checkpoint: A pair of simple socks: 66 grams

Current total is 856 g
29% of my total goal

2 Responses to “Stash Dash Checkpoint 1”

  • Love To Crochet says:

    Beautiful work. Not a knitter, but I have to say you shawl is stunning. :)

  • knucna says:

    Superbe ton Stripe Study !!!